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At Begbies Traynor Group, environmental, social and governance is more than just words. We don’t just have a desire – but a robust and tangible commitment – to turn good intentions into positive actions. The board is committed to developing the business in a sustainable way for the benefit of all stakeholders, tackling challenges and seizing opportunities to develop our colleagues and having a positive impact on the communities we live and work in.

While great strides have been made, we are just getting started; as the ESG landscape evolves, so will we. As a responsible employer, we believe ESG issues are a vital consideration in informing the future of our organisation and the culture we operate within. To that aim we have set out a number of goals in line with our commitment to deliver sustainability outcomes for the Group that are relevant, achievable and verifiable. These include:

  • Compliance with ESG laws, regulations, and reporting
  • Excellence in the management and empowerment of our human capital – including diversity, equality and inclusion practices for our workforce
  • A transition plan for the Group to meet the UK’s target of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • A commitment to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and
  • Transparent disclosure of the data that underpins our stated commitments
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"By investing in our people and communities, we create the right environment to have the right conversations which drive change and impact positively on all stakeholders."


Ric Traynor


Executive Chairman

Key ESG Highlights

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High participation in colleague survey

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Colleague Networks

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Women in senior roles

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3 Pillars

In our People strategy

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Completed professional qualifications

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Aim to reduce paper use

As a priority

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Net zero carbon by 2050

Carbon emissions target

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Communities Policies

To boost charity support

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Early Careers

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