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BTG Advisory have a proven track record in creating, leading and delivering exceptional business sales.

With unrivalled success in providing professional corporate finance advice for all industries, BTG Advisory offers invaluable support to corporates seeking funding for sustainability or growth.

We identify and execute deals for owner-managed companies right through to the largest international corporations, with particular success within the £1 million to £100+ million market.

Identification of appropriate funding solutions
Identifying the most appropriate source of finance is crucial to businesses. Careful consideration needs to be given to various factors, including whether the funding terms provide the best opportunity for company expansion, and how servicing this funding will impact on daily working capital.

Our highly experienced Corporate Finance team will identify the best option depending on specific business objectives, and provide professional guidance on the reasons why each method is appropriate.

Sourcing of mainstream and alternative finance solutions
With so many sources of finance now available, it can seem overwhelming when trying to decide which is the most suitable, particularly without a clear understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Our vast experience in this field, excellent reputation, and links with financiers around the UK, gives us the knowledge needed to link businesses with the correct lender and ensure that they obtain the best deal.

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Strategic corporate financial advice
Our strategic advice and support for companies considering expansion through mergers and acquisitions, MBOs and MBIs, is based on many years’ experience plus a detailed knowledge of the workings of these transactions.

Our Corporate Finance team can make a complex process more straightforward by providing clear advice backed up by sound reasoning. We will demonstrate the potential financial impact on a business of each of the above routes, so that a clear path emerges dependant on the company’s specific goals.

Financial due diligence and transaction support
When implementing a growth plan, due diligence becomes the foundation on which success is built. Without undertaking comprehensive processes that identify potential issues, the plan may be doomed to failure.

We carry out all the necessary checks prior to a company embarking on any major transaction, so that all possible elements that could make or break the process are covered. Our experience allows the team to quickly identify any problems or concerns, and communicate them to our client along with professional advice on their potential impact on a deal.

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