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An unsecured business loan does not require a company to give security to the bank by way of a valuable company asset. This can be an attractive option to a company as it means that in the event that the loan cannot be repaid, they do not risk losing an asset which may be vital to the operations of the company. Unsecured loans can be obtained for both the short- and medium- term, with businesses being able to repay this money in a way which is affordable to them.

While security in the form of a named asset will not be required for an unsecured loan, the borrower may instead as you to provide a personal guarantee. This means that in the event of your company being unable to repay the amount borrowed, you as director, will be made responsible for making the repayments until the balance is cleared. An unsecured loan which requires a personal guarantee, therefore, can have significant consequences on a personal level should your company encounter financial difficulties while the loan is active.

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You may be able to obtain an unsecured loan without having to sign a personal guarantee, although these are typically reserved for those companies with a long trading history and an unblemished credit record. If you believe your company may be a suitable applicant for an unsecured loan, our team of commercial finance experts can help determine your eligibility and help secure the most cost-effective loan for your company’s circumstances.

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