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Note: Before calling, please ensure you are dialling the correct line. If you are a director of a UK company and need urgent advice on issues such as cash flow and financial uncertainty call our Distressed Directors Advice Line on 01522 898 040.

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Welcome to the Begbies Traynor Group office in Lincoln. I’m Gareth Rusling and I lead Begbies Traynor Group’s work as an expert insolvency practitioner in the Lincolnshire area.

Begbies Traynor Group teams are able to provide specialist advice to businesses from all industries and we offer a full range of support services in the context of any corporate insolvency scenario. As a nationwide operator, we work closely with hundreds of directors whose organisations are under serious financial pressures and potentially in a position of acute distress.

We are the UK’s leading insolvency specialists and we are very proud to offer our services and expertise to directors and businesses throughout Lincolnshire via our Lincoln office. There are also Begbies Traynor Group offices elsewhere in the East of England, as well as in several major cities across Yorkshire, the Midlands and the North West of England.

If you are leading a company facing serious financial difficulties and you are worried about the prospect of insolvency then Begbies Traynor Group experts are the right people to call. You can contact our Lincoln office directly to arrange a free initial consultation at any time.

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