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Note: Before calling, please ensure you are dialling the correct line. If you are a director of a UK company and need urgent advice on issues such as cash flow and financial uncertainty call our Distressed Directors Advice Line on 01233 215 831.

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Welcome to Begbies Traynor Group in Ashford. We are a group of licensed insolvency practitioners and business turnaround experts helping companies in Ashford and across the wider Kent area understand their rescue and closure options.

At our Ashford office you will find a talented team of licensed insolvency practitioners and business turnaround professionals. It is our aim to assist company directors and their shareholders during the toughest times.

If you believe your company may soon be insolvent – or you strongly suspect it already is – seeking swift professional advice is key. Financial distress manifests itself in a number of ways including tightening cash flow, mounting company debts, or an inability to meet your liabilities as and when they fall due.

We understand that asking for help at this time is difficult, however, rest assured there is no situation we haven’t seen before, and there is a solution to your current problems. Depending on how severe your financial difficulties are, as well as the company’s likely future viability, we can consider both formal and informal options which include:

  • A Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) which is a legally-binding payment plan entered into by an indebted company and its creditors. This helps to restructure the debt outstanding, by lowering monthly payments and writing off that which cannot be repaid
  • Entering into administration in order to protect the company from threats of legal action while a plan is devised to save as much of the business as possible
  • Putting a Time to Pay (TTP) arrangement in place with HMRC to clear tax arrears in an affordable and manageable way

In some cases, a company’s financial difficulties will have taken it beyond the point of rescue. In this instance, we can explain what placing the company into liquidation will mean for you, your company, and your employees.

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