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INFOGRAPHIC: Auto Enrolment Explained

At Begbies Traynor we're committed to making auto-enrolment as painless as possible - as demonstrated by our infographic which simplifies the scheme and your requirements

Frank Dixon

Auto Enrolment News

| April 9th 2015

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INFOGRAPHIC: Auto Enrolment Explained

Our full-service auto-enrolment solution is designed to alleviate pressure from company directors whilst keeping you compliant with all legal requirements in a cost-effective manner. From as little as £30 per month, and with no upfront fees, we can design, implement and run your company's auto-enrolment scheme so you can focus on running your business.

We appreciate that auto-enrolment and pensions can be a fairly dry and confusing issue - particularly with more than 30 new responsibilities to meet - and so we've attempted to 'bring it to life' through our infographic which is designed to shed more light on the process as a whole and outline how Begbies Traynor can assist.

INFOGRAPHIC: Auto Enrolment Explained
INFOGRAPHIC: Auto Enrolment Explained ×

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Frank Dixon

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Frank Dixon

Pensions Specialist

Meet our Team of Experts

Frank is Begbies Traynor's workplace pensions expert with 30 years' experience in the financial services industry. Frank has an outstanding track record working with some of the UK’s leading financial services and plays a key advisory role on matters relating to automatic enrolment. Frank is well known in the financial services circuit and has developed countless working relationships with professional introducer firms including accountants, solicitors and financial advisory companies.

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