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Corporate insolvency services for limited company directors

Begbies Traynor has a proven track record in providing specialist, independent advice to company directors and business owners facing financial distress. Our partner-led corporate insolvency services are nationally renowned and delivered by a team of licensed insolvency practitioners, rich in experience and expertise. As a leader in the corporate insolvency market, our services are championed by the industry’s most experienced and talented business recovery professionals.

In 2022, we handled more corporate insolvency appointments than any other UK firm, emphasising our resounding and widespread support network for limited company directors nationwide. Established in 1989 and supported by over 70 group partners, rest assured – you’re in safe hands.

With over 100 offices spanning the length and breadth of the UK, we are optimally positioned to offer a speedy, personal and local service to business owners struggling under the weight of company and personal debts. Our extensive office network is designed to connect company directors and business owners with first-class corporate insolvency services anywhere in the UK.

Whether you are facing an insurmountable overdrawn directors' loan account, unable to pay your staff at the end of the month, or being chased by HMRC for tax arrears such as PAYE or VAT, there are ways and means that our skilled and qualified team can help. Our corporate insolvency services can initiate the rescue of your business and protect the best interests of creditors, with expert guidance each step of the way.

Director Support - Business suffering from Cash-Flow Problems?

If your company is financially distressed, we also offer the below services:

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  • Recover Unpaid Invoices of £5k+
  • Expert Credit Control Services
  • Stop Late Payers & Bad Debts
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  • Get Breathing Space with HMRC
  • Support with Business Tax Arrears
  • 35 Years HMRC Negotiation
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  • Rejected for a CBILS Loan?
  • Get Emergency Business Funding
  • Supporting 1000+ UK Companies
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Our Approach

If your company is insolvent – i.e., cannot meet its liabilities as and when they fall due – it is crucial that you contact a licensed insolvency practitioner as soon as possible. As time passes and debts escalate, your range of available options will reduce. The earlier that we can intervene and mitigate the damage to your company, the greater the chance of reaching a positive resolution.

In many business matters, entering negotiations with creditors, such as HMRC, can generate a more fruitful outcome, over combative or enforced legal action. Options, such as a 'Time To Pay arrangement', is a common procedure which allows you to repay company taxes through a more flexible instalment structure. Though for many companies, a formal ring-fenced procedure which protects the business from creditor pressure can be the best option. These procedures include:

Why Begbies Traynor?

  • We offer a personal, compassionate and confidential service
  • Every client is allocated a dedicated point of contact who proactively manages the relationship
  • We provide honest, jargon-free advice to cut to the root of the matter and, where possible, provide you with all the options available
  • Our experience and expertise is unrivalled; handling more corporate insolvency appointments than any other firm
  • We offer a complete suite of professional services to business owners, such as corporate insolvency, restructuring, financial advisory, property, finance and funding
  • We have over 100 offices across the UK and a network of experienced local insolvency practitioners rooted in key locations

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