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At Begbies Traynor Group we have gathered together an experienced team with a proven track record of working with businesses in the automotive retail sector, helping dealerships navigate challenging times – through periods of changing regulations, consumer tastes, supply and demand fluctuations, Brexit preparedness and, most recently, the disruption from Covid-19. Whether you are aiming to improve cash flow and working capital, seeking operational efficiencies or exit planning advice, our team can provide the expertise.

Key Challenges

The automotive retail sector is undergoing significant transformation, which is positive, but also giving rise to a number of challenges, such as:

Technological advancement, sustainability and consumer behaviourCovid-19, supply chains and geopolitical risks
The ongoing conversion to electric vehicles has transformed the personal car to align with political and corporate carbon neutral objectivesCovid-19 and the distinct energy supply crises continue to createshortages in electricity, critical components and skilled labour
These technological advancements have strengthened the relationship between manufacturer and consumer, disrupting traditional car dealershipsShortages have been compounded by an increase in personal car ownership and a change in travel patterns
Customer behaviour change has increased electrical vehicle adoption at the expense of fuel
vehicles (notably diesel)
For example, a decrease in car-sharing and public transportation means that demand is high, so both new and used vehicle inventory is in short supply
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Optimising Performance

Through our team of automotive experts, we can offer
car dealerships:

An initial Strategic Financial and Operational Review. This in-depth review takes a look at the current situation, forecasts and potential outcomes. This allows our specialists to advise on suitable options and solutions to improve overall financial and operational performance.

Financial advice – this typically focuses on managing cash flow and business restructuring. The team can also assist with refinancing or raising new finance, restructuring debt, simplifying group structures, accelerated sales or managing (planning) exits.

Operational advice – reviewing internal sales and marketing structures, routes to market (including online strategies), supply chain management, managing demand, and staff acquisition and retention strategies.

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Further Information

If you would like further information on how Begbies Traynor Group can assist with improving the performance of your business, please contact:

Martin Barron
Partner, Begbies Traynor Group
T: 0113 244 0044
M: 07879 430 400
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Chris Leslie
Director, Head of Vehicle Management,
MAF Finance Group
T: 0115 958 6872
M: 07542 684 896
E: [email protected] 

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