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Understanding creditors’ rights to form a liquidation committee

Find out more about the establishment and running of a liquidation committee during the liquidation process.

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Wind up a limited company with or without debts?

The winding up process will be determined by the financial state of the business - is it solvent or insolvent? Liquidation can be voluntary or compulsory.

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What are Unsecured Creditors’ rights when a company faces liquidation?

During liquidation procedures creditor interests must be kept to the fore and, as a group, unsecured creditors have certain rights in the process.

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What happens when a company strike-off procedure is rejected?

The application to strike-off a company from the Companies Register can be rejected if the company is found to have outstanding debts. In this case any debts must be settled before the company dissolution can be actioned, or if the company is insolvent then the liquidation of the company may be required.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Company Liquidation

An overview of the company liquidation process highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of this corporate solution, by Begbies Traynor.

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