PPF Restructuring Services

The potential inability of a scheme employer to continue in business successfully in difficult times whilst supporting a defined benefit pension scheme has become widely acknowledged as a problem for many scheme employers.

A problem recognised by both the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) and the Pensions Regulator, the latter having been charged with minimising the number of defined benefit pensions schemes entering the PPF.

Whilst a strong employer able to support its defined benefit pension scheme on an ongoing basis may be the preferred situation, this may not always be possible and a restructuring may be essential to save the business, albeit leading to the pension scheme entering the PPF.

Our specialists are well versed in all aspects of business recovery and the requirements of the PPF when agreeing to a restructuring of the scheme employer where the pension scheme enters the PPF.

We can advise on and create innovative solutions to ensure a continuity of the business whilst ensuring fairness between all classes of creditor, a prerequisite of the PPF agreeing to restructuring proposals.