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As a professional services business, we believe that the group has a low environmental impact when compared to many other industries. However, we are conscious of the impact we do have on the environment and are committed to making positive changes to minimise this where possible.

To achieve this the group has formed a Sustainability Group to develop and manage our plans. This will focus on the principal emissions from both our office estate and leased car fleet, together with other initiatives across the business.

The board will then set realistic and achievable targets to reduce our emissions in the coming years based on a specific action plan formulated by the Sustainability Group. It is anticipated that such initiatives will include;

  • Sourcing renewable power for our offices
  • Seeking to reduce business travel emissions
  • Mandating an approved supplier regime to ensure that our sustainable ambitions are shared by our suppliers

In view of this the group is confident that its net-zero ambitions will be achieved substantially ahead of the widely required net-zero carbon organisation by 2050 commitment.

During the year, the group’s emissions have decreased due to the following factors:

  • Organic reduction in emissions and energy consumption due to the change in working patterns during the periods of lockdown. This has involved increased use of technology, reduced amounts of travel and increased homeworking. Whilst we anticipate that this will reverse to some extent in the new financial year, we will seek to embed elements of these working practices into our corporate behaviour where practical on an ongoing basis
  • CO2e conversion factor for electricity usage reduced by 17% between the 2021 and 2019 factors. This reflects the decrease in coal use in UK electricity generation and an increase in renewable generation. Partially offset by:

   o   Increase in absolute amount of emissions and energy consumption resulting from the acquisitions completed in the financial year

Emissions Table

  • Scope 1 are direct emissions from fuel consumption in either buildings or from company leased or owned vehicles.
  • Scope 2 are indirect emissions from purchase of electricity in our offices.
  • Scope 3 are emissions from the use of personal or privately- hired vehicles used for company business where employees are reimbursed based on claims for business mileage.

In 2021, we managed to get ahead of our target of reducing our CO2e emissions per full-time equivalent (FTE) by 34 percent compared to 2020.

John Humphrey
Legal Counsel and Group Company Secretary
11 November 2021