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When implementing a growth plan, due diligence becomes the foundation on which success is built

BTG Advisory's expert team are often appointed to provide financial due diligence and financial modelling, offering key analysis in the corporate sector.

When implementing a growth plan, due diligence becomes the foundation on which success is built. Without undertaking comprehensive processes that identify potential issues, the business strategy itself will become high-risk with increased chance of failure.

Our experienced teams carries out all the necessary checks and financial investigations prior to a company embarking on any major transaction, so that all possible elements that could make or break the process are covered. Our expertise allows the team to quickly identify any problems or concerns, and communicate them to our client along with professional advice on their potential impact on a deal.

We have experience advising numerous investors on potential mergers and acquisitions helping them to assess the potential perils of the proposed transaction by inquiring into all relevant aspects of historic financials and structure, present day operations, and forecasting.

Whether you're looking to raise capital for investment purpose or have existing capital to invest and are seeking acquisitive opportunities, corporate finance advice should be sought at every stage. Our corporate finance team has in-depth experience and expertise to offer timely and strategic advice tailored to match your evolving business needs – from M&A to disposal planning and execution – and Due Diligence plays a key role throughout.

We aim to offer our clients open and honest opinions on potential transactions through the presentation of highly commercially-orientated due diligence reports.  For more information or a free consultation to discuss due diligence, contact BTG Advisory today.

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