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Our partner-led team has extensive knowledge of business valuations for disposal and can formulate an audit of your financials and marketplace

Any company director or shareholder looking to sell all or part of their business is ultimately looking for the most accurate valuation. The expert team at BTG Advisory is vastly experienced in handling company disposals from start to finish, including the crucial and often complex valuation and deal structuring stage, and our services will help you achieve the best possible value.

Getting the right valuation is crucial in the ultimate success of the transaction. Our partner-led team has extensive knowledge of business valuations for disposal and can formulate a thorough audit of your financials, technology, market and management to ascertain exactly how your company should be presented. 

Valuation Approaches 

The standard of value reported is based on the fair market value of equity on a non marketable, controlling basis, whereby:

  • Fair market value (“FMV”): The price of an asset would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.
  • Controlling basis: In most cases, ownership of more than 50 per cent of a company’s voting stock or any shareholding will result in the control of the composition of the directors.
  • Enterprise value (“EV”): The sum of the company’s total market value of equity (“MVE”) (also known as market capitalisation with regard to listed companies) plus preferred stock and net debt.
  • Equity value: Total EV less net debt.
  • Net debt : Short term debt plus long term debt less cash and cash equivalents.
  • Marketability: The ability to realise the value of the shareholding within short time frame.

Our commercial approach will help provide an objective evaluation of your company to provide the most accurate benchmark figure.

You can seek professional advice from BTG Advisory attaining an accurate business valuation, starting with our free service which can identify potential buyers for your business if appropriate. If this information would be of interest contact us directly.


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