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BTG Corporate Finance offer advice you can trust and take a lead role in managing an investment opportunity to a successful completion

BTG Corporate Finance has a partner-led team that can offer expert advice and guidance to businesses and investors in the area of Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) Investments.

Growing businesses often require external funding for a number of reasons, including:

• The need for investment capital to unlock significant new or existing growth opportunities
• The need to restructure an inappropriate or ineffective existing capital base

The injection of new capital from a suitable external investor can not only deliver the funding sought by existing shareholders but also bring fresh ideas and challenges on the future direction of their business. We go beyond identifying an appropriate funding solution by ensuring that such external funders, or partners, are right for the business and right for the existing shareholders in terms of the understanding and value they could offer.

We also have key relationships with numerous 'business angels' who are keen to invest in start-up companies, or established companies looking to expand.

Generally of high net worth (HNW), angel investors provide an alternative source of finance should traditional routes be exhausted, or if companies prefer to retain their lines of credit with the bank. Akin to real life 'Dragon's Den', angel investment sees these HNW individuals putting personal capital forward allowing a business to fund expansion projects without the long application processes associated with ‘conventional’ borrowing.

Our dedicated Angel Investment section covers this area in more detail.

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