Security Risk Consulting

Identifying, managing and reducing risk in commercial environments around the world to protect employees, assets and ultimately profits.

The damaging financial and legal consequences of an insecure business environment can be far-reaching, whilst a well-designed and professionally managed security programme can deliver significant long-term benefits to an organisation.

Moreover, risk insurers and governance standards demand that businesses should understand the full implications of risk and should manage it accordingly.

To counteract threats to business, we deliver a range of practical security solutions, utilising risk-driven assessments supported by crisis and resilience planning.

Risks are often difficult to assess, extending beyond terrorism and the threat of external forces to embrace internal security issues involving staff, suppliers, customers and operating environments. This is where we can help, providing a wide range of services covering all aspects of security, loss prevention and risk management. We can identify risk and improve security in organisations of all sizes, ensuring that it is relevant, risk-based and efficient so as to maximise its contribution to core business activities. Our international network enables us to provide support in countries throughout the world, employing local knowledge and proportionate best practice for each operating environment and business sector.

We operate a 24/7 control centre and are recognised as insured advisors to syndicates of Lloyd’s of London, to mitigate speciality risks such as extortion, kidnap for ransom, hijacking - and other threats posed by crime, terrorism and conflict.

Our proactive approach utilises innovative techniques for assessing risk and managing security issues, and many of our consultants are experienced law enforcement or military professionals - but we choose these individuals for their additional commercial experience and business acumen.

We also employ chartered accountants, business experts, lawyers and academics – and all our consultants combine integrity and competence with practical experience and expertise, offering a truly unique and broad-based portfolio of experience.

Every client relationship is unique and highly valued, so it is managed by a senior partner assisted by consultants with relevant industry knowledge and experience. In turn, we are advised by an independent panel of senior security strategists, who provide essential guidance in ensuring that we retain a leading edge in our activities and demonstrate a holistic approach to our services.