Disposal Planning and Execution

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Disposal Planning and Execution

We have significant experience in planning and executing the disposal of privately-owned businesses or subsidiaries of large UK or overseas groups.

The one common goal shared by most shareholders is the desire to maximise value realised from a disposal process.  Our objective and responsibility is to assist our clients achieve this goal.

There are typically two stages to any successful disposal process:


Our significant experience of planning and executing business exits enables us to identify and communicate opportunities to enhance value in the short-term. Furthermore, we focus on potential risks and obstacles to securing a successful exit, enabling our clients to take appropriate action prior to commencing any external process.  In our opinion, successful planning is the key to delivering a successful outcome, therefore the earlier our involvement in the disposal thought process, the greater the probability of achieving the optimum outcome for our clients.

We operate a free service identifying potential buyers for your business.  If this information would be of interest to your business please complete our disposal registration form and return to enquiries@btg-corporatefinance.com


Take a look at some of our recent cases in disposal planning and execution.

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